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Our global business is founded on people with the best technical skills and outstanding industry knowledge and we strive to employ and retain exceptional talent.

We are an equal opportunity employer, welcoming applications from all qualified persons.

If you are interested in working for us, we'd like to hear from you
  • What it’s like to work at Oriel

    We deal with insurers and their policyholders and our objective is to restore a damaged property as quickly and as cost effectively as possible whilst retaining high quality work that meets regulations. So you will need to be as comfortable on a building site as in an office and help people dealing with stressful situations.

  • An average day

    We don’t have average days. Each hour brings new challenges as insurers contact us with claims from fire, flood, hail, storm – you name it. You might plan a day in the office, only to find yourself on site. And we have to be prepared to deal with catastrophes calmly and comprehensively – following floods in Australia, our team found themselves dealing with twenty times the normal volume of work.

  • Learning for your career

    We employ a diverse range of people with a wide set of skills, including project managers, surveyors and auditors, health and safety experts as well as people with excellent client management skills. A lot of our success is our ability to co-ordinate these different disciplines effectively. So you’ll learn excellent team working skills as well as hard technical skills.

  • Doing a good job that is inspiring

    We help people recover their homes and businesses – so every day is a rewarding experience.

  • Equal Opportunities

    We are committed to equal opportunities and also recognise that our team needs to achieve work life balance, so we offer a number of opportunities for our people to find this balance through flexible working hours, job sharing and a comprehensive range of family friendly policies.

  • Reputation

    Our reputation is critical to our success, so we employ people who put the client first and strive to deliver excellence.


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