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Commercial Asbestos Mitigation in the wake of the Brisbane Hail Storms

Following Brisbane Hail Storm in November 2014, Oriel were engaged to manage the remediation of asbestos from a 56,000 square meter vacant commercial property.


The hailstone had punctured through the corrugated cement roof clad buildings causing widespread asbestos fibre contamination to internal and external areas of the property.

  • The Challenge

    The site was adjacent to a residential housing estate posing a high risk that the contamination would also be spread to public areas. While the site was generally stable in its current state, a prolonged period of dry weather would increase the risk of airborne contamination.

  • The Solution
    • The site was immediately secured with the implementation of a thorough air monitoring & testing regime. The results were all satisfactory and the areas of risk continued to be monitored.
    • Priority was given to further assessments in and around the external perimeter where overland flow paths were thought likely to have distributed asbestos containing material onto publicly accessed areas.
    • Remediation procedures were implemented to areas close to or on publicly accessible areas thus mitigating future risks.
    • A decontamination regime was implemented that aimed to provide sufficient cleared areas to allow for a full building scope of works.
    • Given the significant cost likely for the internal cleaning of the floors, Oriel conducted a pilot trial of a representative area of the floor. The pilot trial was timed and the results were used in projecting costs for this component of the overall budget estimate for remediation.
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