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Subsidence Repairs

We manage subsidence repairs for your policyholders in the UK

A growing problem

UK insurers receive around 40,000 subsidence related claims every year – in many cases, damages can be repaired effectively, and measures taken to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

We offer an efficient and cost effective way to managing a growing problem – whether it is caused by weather, trees or drains leakage.

Research by Swiss RE and the Swiss Institute of Technology) has warned that climate change could magnify the already significant increase in property damage as a result of subsidence. The new model predicts subsidence will worsen and spread in Europe with some areas seeing more than a 50% increase in the next 25 years. But climate is not the only factor – our experts will establish the cause of your claim.

How we can help
  • We control your repair spend

    We save you money by delivering a comprehensive set of rates that are competitive and checked regularly - and we also control spend via an audit function.

  • Minimise repair lifecycle

    We minimise repair lifecycle through long-term and trusted relationships with approved contractors thereby allowing early scheduling and immediate commencement on-site.


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