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Water Mitigation Audit

We offer specialised water mitigation work in the US and Australia.

No 1 cause of claims

Every insurer understands the danger of water, in the USA, water damage accounts for almost $10 billion each year in homeowner claims alone and is the number one cause of property insurance claims.

  • How we can help

    • Audit vendor estimates and billing practices.

    • Expedite turnaround time and workflow processes.

    • Ensure estimates and billing are fair and accurate.

    • Ensure high-quality restoration.

    • Provide mitigation reports identifying savings.

How we work with you

Beginning as early as the First Notice of Loss, we manage your project through the entire mitigation process. We:

  • Verify the cause of loss with the field adjuster.
  • Determine the category and class of water to verify the mitigation was accurately billed.
  • Perform a qualitative audit of vendor records to make certain the vendor has adhered to local standards and regulations.
  • Provide a fiscal audit of vendor invoices denoting overcharges and unnecessary line items.
  • Negotiate final mitigation costs with vendor.
  • Supply a comprehensive final mitigation report with recommended payment for final mitigation invoice.
  • Provide regular project updates, culminating in a final mitigation report.


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